Amazon August 2010 Bestselling Applique Quilt Pattern Book

The bestselling book on applique quilt patterns currently being sold by Amazon is the ‘ Quilt-Lovers’ Favorites from American Patchwork & Quilting Volume 3

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Applique Quilt Patterns

An Applique Quilt Pattern is where materials have been applied to a quilt, or each other,¬†using a special needlework technique. These materials can be anything, but mainly they are pieces of fabric or embroidery. It is from the French word Applique, which in translation means ‘that has been applied’ and dates back centuries.

This style of quilt design is used throughout the world, from Pakistan to Indian ralli quilts, From Hawaiian to two well known examples of traditional American styles of Applique quilt patterns, “Sunbonner Sue” and “Dresden Plate”.

The needlework technique used can be of two forms. The Straight stitch is 2 to 3 millimetres from the folded under edge and the Satin stitch going over the edge and overlapping it, but it may require a little straight stitching first to keep it in places, though some may use glue. The straight stitch is made without crossing over any of the thread in lines or other geometrical patterns. With the Satin stitch the fabric is completely covered in a series of flat stitches.

Using this kind of pattern on quilting gives you the freedom to create wonderful abstract patterns or using someone else’s designs many designs come in blocks. Some of the artists creating them are well known and we will be covering them in future posts. A famous one in the first half of the twentieth century is the quilt designer Marie Daugherty Webster, born in 1859 and survived right up to 1956. She was famous for the first book on American quilting in 1915 called “Quilts: Their Story and How to Make Them” but also for her style of using pastel colors and applique designs.

There is an organization dedicated to those who have made outstanding contributions to quilting called the Quilters Hall of Fame (QHF). Hazell McDowell Carter decided to honor these people in 1979 in Indiana, USA with also a museum of the quilts produced and artifacts of the makers of them.

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